Puerto Princesa Beachfront for sale!

new panggangan

Location: Barangay Panggangan, Puerto Princesa City, Palawan
Total Land Area: 41,949 sq. m
Price: PHP300 / SQ. METER

To reach Old Pangangan first go to Sabang. Sabang is the place where you can take a vessel or banca to Underground River, one of the seven world-wonders. From Puerto Princesa it will take 1 hour by bus or car to get to Sabang.

The cheapest way is to take a vessel to Pangangan, 50 PhP per person. You can also take a privat-boat. We took a privat boat and payed 2.000 PhP for 4 persons but of course I am a foreigner. You will enjoy the nice boat trip with calm water. Just watch the beautifull surroundings and the boats going to Underground River.

When you are in the boat you will see first on your right hand the beginning of Underground River. For Pangangan it takes a half hour longer to reach Pangangan also on your right hand.

Before you reach Old Pangangan you will see New Pangangan. New Pangangan is also a beachfront with hinterland. Here is a community/barangay where fishermen live with there familys. If you go to the next beachfront you will reach Old Pangangan.  This is a big uninhabited beachfront with a large ecological hinterland. Exactly in the middle of the beachfront you will see the property of Alicia Agawa. Her beachfront is 65 m2 wide. Totally the beachfront with the hinterland is 41.949 sqm. A short description from the shore till the hinterland would be: beautifull white powder beach, fantastic coconut plantation, great ricefields, little house and in the end a cool small mound. This is an ideal place to develop a hotel, resort or your own residency. You don’t need to build a swimming-pool. Just walk from the beach, without stones or litter, to the sea and jump in the blue south-chinese sea. If you construct a building versus the mountain you will have a beautifull view on the property and sea.

The prospects are good: It is close to Underground River where many tourists come from all over the world. There is a road from New to Old Pangangan to walk in 30 minutes. In San Vicente they are building an international airport. If you have a speedboat and you go round Old Pangangan you can get to Puerto Princesa in 40 minutes. Behind the hinterland they are building a road so that you can reach New Pangangan by car in the future. The major of Puerto Princesa is also owner of properties over there and is supporting development on Pangangan. You can build whatever you want!

You will enjoy the pictures and movies, especially the white powder beach! (The day I took pictures it was raining. Normally the sand is even more white!)

Go there and have a look yourself. You will fall in love. Enjoy!!!

Caruray Beach Cove for Sale

Caruray Beach

Location: Sitio Cayduros, Barangay Caruray, San Vicente, Palawan
Total Land Area: 258,376 sq. m
Price: PHP300 / SQ. METER

OVERVIEW – The property is a 25.8376 hectares beachlfront located at the western edge of San Vicente, Palawan facing the Decala Bay of the West Philippines Sea. Caruray Beach Cove has the perfect white sand and crystal clear blue waters perfect for a resort development. The property is part of a magnificent small hill that gradually slopes downward towards the beach front. Fruit bearing trees such as the Star Apple, Cashew, Mango, Papaya, and Santol can be found all through the property. The property is just a two hour boat ride from the world famous Puerto Princesa Subterranean River.

TRAVELING – The property is just a short 45 minute ride from the municipality of San Vicente, where you can find almost everything that you need. And from the City of Puerto Princesa to municipality of San Vicente, it takes three to four hours drive.

FACILITIES – There is a small stream that runs thru the property which brings clean & crisp water source from the mountain. Deep wells can also be erected throughout the property. Cell phone signals are available on the property. Smart & Globe telecommunication networks are present in the Island. Smartbro and Globe Tattoo Internet connection can also be accessed.

POTENTIALS – The property is ideal for putting up a world class resort with activities such as; wake boarding, kayaking, Jet Ski, banana boat rides and other water based activities. In addition, the property is also great for rock climbing activities, trekking and hiking perfect for adventure seekers.

Marufina Beach for Sale

Marufinas Beach

Location: Brgy. Marufinas, Puerto Princesa City, Palawan
Total Land Area: 99,558sqm
Price: PHP 300 / SQ. METER

OVERVIEW – Marufinas Beach property has total area of 9.9558 hectares. The property is part of the Marufinas Island located at the western part of Puerto Princesa City, Palawan facing the Saint Paul Bay of the west Philippines Sea. The property has a frontage of about 814.49 meters of beach coast.

TRAVELING – The property is just a 10 minute walk through the interior Barangay of Marufinas which basic public services are available.

FACILITIES – There is a small stream that runs thru the property which brings clean & crisp water from the mountain as the water source. Smart & Globe telecommunication networks are present in the Island. Smartbro and Globe Tattoo Internet connection can also be accessed.

POTENTIALS – This property is ideal for developing up a resort with activities such as; wake boarding, kayaking, Jet Ski, banana boat rides and other water based activities. It can be an ideal hill type resort property for developers.

Beachfront in Culion, Palawan for Sale

Image Palawan Property

Culion is an island situated at the northernmost part of Palawan. It is part of the Calamian Archipelago in northern Palawan that also includes the municipalities of Busuanga, Coron, and Linapacan. During the Spanish Period, these were known as Las Islas de Calamianes, Provincia de España.

The Culion sea is teeming with a total of 201 fish species including commercially important fish like Lapu-lapu (Groupers), Kanuping (Sweetlip Emperor), Maya-Maya (Snapper), Tanguige (Spanish Mackerel), Dalagang Bukid (Blue and Gold Fusiliers) and Bisugo (Breams). Squid, cuttlefish, shrimps, crabs, shellfish and sea cucumber or trepang are plentiful.

Three ecosystems sustain the rich marine life of Culion: mangroves, seagrass, and corals. 17 mangrove species cover the coastline of Culion. 9 seagrass species and 47 coral genera representing 60% of the total genera found in the Philippines are found in Culion.

The following are shoreline measurements of the property based on google map:

  1. West and Northwest side – about 4.5 kilometers, more or less. Mostly stretches of white sand shore
  2. East side – about 3 kilometers, more or less. Mostly mangroves

The pricing for this property is PHP 300 / sqm. As the property is not yet titled at this point, the owners would need the resources to process the necessary transactions.

Beach Property in Galoc Island for sale

Image Palawan Property

Property can be reach by plane from Manila for 30-40mins, take van for 1 hour and boat by 45mins. The corrals are well-protected as it’s facing the Southwest of China Sea.

It’s a portion of an island with water source, good mobile signal, fronting West side of Busuanga, and has the great views of sunsets on the water. It is a 5 hectares nice beach with 200 meters long beach frontage, more or less. It is an hour away from the main town of Salvacion, Busuanga Island. Close to Evergreen Diving Resort, Coral Bay Resort, and Mangueynguey Resort.

It is ideal for snorkeling, swimming, kiteboarding, sportsfishing nearby, and windsurfing on other months of the year.