Palawan Destinations

Palawan is the most exotic tourist destination in the Philippines. It is known as the “Philippines’ Last Frontier” because of its robust ecosystem. It’s deserted islands, limestone cliffs, world-class beaches, coral reefs, misty mountains, exotic wildlife and enchanted forest makes Palawan a paradise in the Philippines.

Many tourists go to Palawan to experience the world-class beaches and resorts as well as superb diving spots. The tourists are also attracted to the other sceneries of the place such as “Underground River” on Sabang, Honda Bay Islands and many more. The tourists are also attracted to the natural resources of the place and the hospitable residents of Palawan. Because of this, Palawan is a tourist destination to both local and foreign tourists.

Here are some of the places that is worth to visit while in Palawan

Calauit Island Wildlife Sanctuary

This sanctuary is devoted to wildlife preservation of animals coming from Africa and other parts of the world including animals that are found in Palawan. This island sanctuary has an area of 3,700 hectare which is also home to both animals and plants.The island has become the country’s major conservation and nature park. The island is truly must-see for all nature- and wildlife- lovers and enthusiasts. So come on now and visit, and have a great, wonderful, and unforgettable experience!

Coron Reefs

One of the best scenery in Palawan in which tourist want to go. It has Seven enchanting lakes, perfectly surrounded by limestone cliffs. It attracts tourist and nature lovers to this island in north of Palawan. This is one of the most famous diving sites in the world.

El Nido Marine Reserve

It is one of the most popular ecosystems and tourist destination in the Philippines.The scenery on this place is unrivaled because of the reefs, mangroves, white sand beaches, rainforest, calm waters and limestone cliffs.

St. Paul Subterranean River National Park(Underground River)

The famous natural scenery in Palawan and One of the world’s New 7 wonders. The river stretches eight kilometers deep into an underground lagoon with crystalline waters. The captivating limestone cave reveals some rock formations, stalactite pillars and domed amphitheaters.

Tubbataha Reefs National Marine Park

Is branded as the country’s best diving site and one of the world’s best diving spot. The reef is abundant in marine life and because of this it was named a World Heritage Site. The island consists of two islets with lots of soft corals and small cave. Divers can see a lot of marine species including shark, turtles and manta rays.